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Xtra.Timing System

de Haardt Xtra Timing System

The Xtra.Timing System gives you control over your go-kart track using just one system. The great advantage of the Xtra.Timing System is the fact that the Xtra.Safety System is fully integrated. Killing two birds with one stone!

The basic system is the same as the Xtra.Safety System: the lightweight and easy-to-use Xtra.(Mini) Remote Control that is linked to the Xtra.Shutdown Transponders fitted on the go-karts.

In addition, every go-kart is fitted with an Xtra.Sensor to measure the lap times. The system uses the go-kart’s power, which means that no batteries need to be replaced. The system is available for fossil fuel and electric go-karts.

The Xtra.Timing System is connected to a computer through the Xtra.Timing Host. The host receives the information from the Xtra.Shutdown Transponders by means of wireless communication and passes on that information to your computer. Several split times can be registered by adding extra Xtra.Beacons.

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