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Fun with Safety

TUBBY, the original, is the summer tubing invented by Neveplast for all seasons. Thanks to its excellent slipperiness TUBBY permits the practice of this activity during any time of the year independently of the weather. Tubby is a secure and fun activity, born for children but great for adults too. With TUBBY’s innovative and complete system moments of pure pleasure are guaranteed either alone or with friends.

The principal characteristics of TUBBY are:

  • TUBBY is the first summer tubing track, invented by Neveplast
  • High safety standards.
  • Fast amortization of your investment thanks to the high capacity of the product.
  • Functions without the use of water keeping maintenance costs very low.
  • Setup and assembly is fast and easy.
  • Braking system is extremely efficient.
  • Snowtubes of various sizes and characteristics.
  • Thanks to the many different accessories available, TUBBY slides can be assembled on many different grades of descent.
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