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The World's Number 1 Souvenir Video System

Viewpoint videos is a simple automated system for customer souvenir videos. Cameras are worn on customer helmets and their experience is captured in wide angle HD. Videos can be sold to customers, or included in packages to boost the value of your offering.

Viewpoint for Zipline

Generate revenue from selling videos to customers
​Customers share videos with their friends on social media
Turn customer experiences into quality branded promo videos

Quick install

- Systems are delivered ready to go.
- ​Just connect power and internet.
- Ready to sell souvenir videos.

Easy to use

- Press the ON button. Mount. Dock camera.
- Hand the video receipt to the customer.
- ​That's it! No extra staff required.

Get results

- Receipt has a QR code link to the video.
- High quality videos, with your branding.
​- Customers share, promoting the facility!

Trusted by hundreds of facilities worldwide

Viewpoint's camera system is exceeding our expectations. It generates additional up-sell revenue at the tracks, increasing per head spend, it's fully reliable and easy to use, & sharing from customers on social media attract more customers to our centres.
- Dom Gaynor, Chief Executive Officer
[TeamSport Karting, operator of 36 locations]

Mounting system

​Secure hook and loop mounting system. Cameras don't come off. Lightweight camera, only 1 ounce (0.05kg). It's so light you can't even feel it. Strong and secure selfie arm made from lightweight milled aluminium. The arm is short so it doesn't catch on the Zipline or any of the equipment, and the wide angle Viewpoint lens keeps everything in frame. 4 hour battery. Full 1080p HD.

Control panel

We provide a control panel, where you see all of the videos from your locations. You can disable any videos with inappropriate content, giving you more control than when customers bring their own cameras. Download copies of footage for your own research, for staff training, and to take highlights to use in your own marketing.

Cloud platform

All videos are hosted on our cloud platform, where they can be viewed on any device. Scan the QR with your phone or go to and enter the code. The video page is branded with images of your facility around the video and your logo. Social share buttons at the bottom and backlink to your website.

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