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Mini Concept Maxi Fun

MINITUBBY EVO, as the suggested by the “EVO” acronym, is the most advanced version of the MINITUBBY selection.

The EVO version is provided indeed with an extremely effective lighting system which enables the usage even at night.

Its structure in galvanized steel makes the assembly of the MINITUBBY EVO easier and faster. In line with Neveplast commitment towards sustainability, the EVO model is a 100% green product which can be installed anywhere.

MINITUBBY SMART is Neveplast’s latest innovation, the best solution for the most demanding operators in the leisure sector.

MINITUBBY SMART promptly converts into a TUBBY slope and can be easily carried with a trailer.

This novelty developed by Neveplast enables temporary attractions to be assembled and disassembled very quickly, by adding a flexibility factor. This does not compromise the quality nor the effectiveness of the product itself, but serves the purpose of speeding up the entire process. MINITUBBY SMART is the perfect choice for festivals, sport and promotional events. A versatile, easy to assemble and sustainable solution.

In one word: SMART!

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