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The World's #1 Souvenir Video System

Proven successful in hundreds of entertainment venues worldwide – now sold and supported in Australia

Viewpoint videos is a simple automated system for customer souvenir videos. Cameras are worn on customer helmets and their experience is captured in wide angle HD. Videos can be sold to customers, or included in packages to boost the value of your offering.

Videos are a new, straight forward revenue stream for your business and are easy for your staff to upsell, control and manage when processing customers. Improve the experience you offer by including a video in packages, allowing customers to share their excitement online with their friends and family.

Some centres have chosen to include Viewpoint Videos free of charge to their customers as the average video gets 75 views, resulting in up to 30,000 views per month when customers share with friends and family. If only 1% of those customers book, that is up to 300 additional customers per month.

Alternatively by adding a nominal amount (eg. $5) for the video, it only requires a handful of sales per day to show a positive cash flow. From experience across other centres, you should achieve a minimum sales conversion rate of 8%. That’s just 80 customers purchasing a headcam in every 1000!

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